Physical Education

Our lessons focus on developing the underlying key skills that make up all sports and activities, things like using movement to create space and controlling objects with your hands or feet. Breaking things down into key skills creates more opportunity for children to experience improvement. It also means children will feel confident to try out new activities independently.

Each unit starts with a Personal Best Activity where children set and record their personal best. At the end of the unit the children try and beat their personal best score and Striver shows you exactly how much each child has improved by. The only person the children are competing against is themselves!

Striver contains dedicated wellbeing units that aim to boost self-esteem and build resilience. There are six wellbeing units that children study at increasing levels of depth as they move up through the school. This reinforcement process has been used so that by the time children leave your school, they not only understand these topics, but are able to put what they have learnt into practice in a meaningful way.

Being in the Lake District National Park, Outdoor learning is a key part of our curriculum and is led by an experienced Mountain Leader.  Our Outdoor learning is personalised to the needs of our children and not only teaches them the skills they need to be safe in the great outdoors such as rope skills, map reading and outdoor swimming skills, we also teach our curriculum outside when possible.

The whole school has weekly swimming and gymnastics lessons in the Spring term taught by specialist coaches.